Handmade sacred vessels

In 2015 Keri designed a collection of sacred vessels inspired by her love, interest and fascination with the use of sacred water throughout Ireland's history. There are hundreds of holy wells scattered throughout Irelands landscape, regularly maintained and still used by locals. The water rituals and the holy sites are something to behold and a visit would be encouraged to all. It is a thrilling adventure in locating and finding the Holy Wells, similar to a treasure hunt there are stories, legends and hidden gems to be discovered. An Irish blessing indeed.

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Ireland's Sacred Water

Ireland's sacred Water Gift Set


This exciting concept offers a growing range of handmade ceramic water containers for the collection and storage of Ireland's sacred Holy water. As a gift or a souvenir these unique keepsakes are presented beautifully and appeal to those who feel kindred to Ireland and Ireland's heritage. We aspire to offer a sentimental gift of value that can be shared with all that wish to feel closer to the spirit of this magical country.

Ireland's Sacred water offers customisation of the range allowing the buyer to create their own set to promote local sacred areas of Ireland. If you are interested in creating your own set please view the current range then use the "custom" page to create your own set or contact me for further enquiries, it will be a pleasure to talk to you! To contact me please feel free to call 086 344 2245 on the phone or use the contact form provided on the contact page.

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Sacred Ireland handmade holy water bottle
Map of holy wells in Ireland



Ireland's sacred Water Gift Set


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