Ireland's Sacred Water Gifts

“I aspire to offer a sentimental gift of value that can be shared with all who wish to feel closer to the spirit of this magical country”

Beautiful, handmade sacred gifts from Ireland
Beautiful, handmade sacred gifts from Ireland
Beautiful, handmade sacred gifts from Ireland

Handmade Irish Gift

This gift is perfect for a soul who values the essence of magical Ireland, and wants to keep it close to their heart. Beautiful handmade clay bottles, glazed and filled with sacred water from a Holy Well in Ireland. Packaged beautiful the gift is accompanied with a hang tag containing all the information about the sacred well and the GPS to locate it.
Each ceramic bottles (9cm x 6cm ) would make a lovely token to give to a friend or loved one. Accompanying the items is a small information leaflet describing the well site and the background to this Irish tradition. 

There are other attractive gifts related to Holy Wells that can be purchased in the online shop.
Green Holy Water Keepsake Handmade in Ireland

"By definition sacred water is not for sale,
the water is a gift adding a special value to this beautiful clay vessel."

Sacred Wells of Ireland

 “Holy Wells” in Ireland hold a unique role as symbols of the Irish culture and a connection with the natural environment. The holy well tradition is believed to date back to the pre-Christian era when they had deities and performed ceremonies at the springs. The spring waters of Ireland have always been and are still being collected and used for blessings, protection and cure.The water rituals and the holy sites are something to behold and a visit would be encouraged to all. It is a thrilling adventure in locating the Holy Wells, similar to a treasure hunt there are stories of legend and hidden trinkets to be discovered. There is a map on the website and to assist in the location of Holy Wells, using GPS it’s simple and fun.

Artist Keri Sherlock Keri designed beautiful handmade sacred gifts from Ireland

About The Artist

Irish artist and designer, Keri Sherlock was born in South Africa to Irish parents. She returned home to Ireland in 2001 after living for a time in England. Keri studied web design and eCommerce and in 2010 she achieved a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design.

Keri is fascinated with the magical stories of Ireland's history, traditions and natural springs.  

Combining her skills and research she designed beautiful handmade ceramic bottles so others may share the wonder, experience the essence of magical, ancient Ireland and perhaps take a little bit of it home.

Using The Map

Click on a well, when the information pops up click on the icon top right (arrow in a diamond) This will bring up Google Maps and will direct you from your current location. Have fun!!!


Lomanagh Holy Well, Kenmare Co. Kerry

When we were driving I knew that the sign to the well might not be very big or apparent, so I was delighted that I saw the rock sign at the entrance and there was a spot to pull my car into and safely park beside the road.

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"There are hundreds of sacred sites in Ireland, the Holy Wells are my favorite! "