Lomanagh Holy Well, Kenmare Co. Kerry

Lomanagh Holy Well, Kenmare Co. Kerry

Keri Sherlock Creator
April 26, 2016

Hello Every body,  

Wanted to post these photos to show you a different Holy Well and how surprisingly active it is, even tho is quite out of the way! When we were driving I knew that the sign to the well might not be very big or apparent, so I was delighted that I saw the rock sign at the entrance and there was a spot to pull my car into and safely park beside the road. .......... I'll let the pictures do the talking but please note that the sun was shining, and Ireland seldom sees the sun. Ireland is so beautiful when the sun shines.

Rock sign Rock sign :)

 This shot is looking up at where we had just walked from.

Another rock signAnother rock sign
Deeper and deeper into the forest Deeper and deeper into the forest ....
This is Leo my son he is 12This is Leo, my son, he is 12.

 EEEEEK !!!! Its so pretty.

 I dropped my phone into the water! Leo knocked my hand and I flung it, I was like lightening getting it out tho, ninja.

 Rag tree! Gulp, I love them .....

There were so many Marys I didnt photograph them all-wet phoneThere were so many Marys, I didn't photograph them all-wet phone
US xxUS xx
Use my online map to locate your well https://irelandssacredwater.com/map-of-holy-wells GPS - 51.862864, -9.696368