D.I.Y - St. Brigid's Cross - Made by you!


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Make your own St.Brigid's crosses.
This package includes fresh Irish rushes, cut into 2 sizes and with several thicknesses- Largest approximately 30cm and smallest approximately 20cm in size.
This tradition still practiced in Ireland using rushes collected from the Irish landscape. Rushes are a type of grass found all over Ireland on wet land. Where I live in Templegalntine, county Limerick there are many fields that are filled with rushes.
This is a gift for yourself or for someone you wish to share it with. Either make your own and gift the crosses you make or share the experience with your children, family, friends or if your a teacher your pupils! The package includes enough rushes to make 3-5 crosses and includes elastics to bind the ends. Twine can be used if you prefer.

Here is the link to a video how to make them! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iag727zV5KY

St. Brigid's crosses are often made on 1st February and sprinkled with holy water. This traditional craft is taught to the children of Ireland at school and hung in the house to protect the house from fire and bless all who live there.