Holy Well Water Keepsake Gift-Dark Blue


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Beautiful handmade clay bottles, glazed in green and filled with sacred water from my local Saint Brigid's Holy Well, Shanagarry, Newcastle West, Co. Limerick.

Packaged beautifully, this gift is perfect for a soul who values the essence of this magical Ireland, and wants to keep it close to their heart. Each ceramic bottles (9cm x 6cm ) is a lovely token to give to a friend or loved one. Accompanying the item is a small information leaflet describing the well site, the background to this Irish tradition and a lovely little gift bag.

“Holy Wells” in Ireland hold a unique role as symbols of the Irish culture and a connection with the natural environment. The holy well tradition is believed to date back to the pre-Christian era when they had deities and performed ceremonies at the springs. The well water itself is extremely important. Particular minerals and elements have been found at a number of sites, due to the water coming up from deep underground, springing from the earth in its purest form. The spring waters of Ireland have always been and are still being collected and used for blessings, protection and cure.

By definition sacred water is not for sale, the water is a gift adding a special value to our clay vessel. I wanted to create a unique and rare offering of thanks to you for your support incorporating the magical essence of Ireland.

The handmade vessel contains water from my local St.Brigid's Holy Well. This well commemorates the visit of St Bridget to the area, around 500 A.D. Bridget moved some stones from the ground, and a well sprang up where the stones had been. The temperature of the this Holly Well well is constant and it is believed to heal sore eyes and other ailments. ‘Rounds’ (circling the statue while reciting prayers) are made and a ‘Pattern’ (devotion) is held there annually on February 1st, St Bridget’s Day, which is celebrated world wide. This ancient sacred day called "Imbolic", which marks the beginning of spring. St Bridget is a Celtic triple - goddess, meaning that she represents the three aspects of woman. St. Bridget protects those who call upon her.